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The Simoleon (§) is the unit of currency used in the SimCity and The Sims series. It is assumed to be the national currency of SimNation. While in The Sims, Simoleons resembled US dollar bills[confirmation needed], The Sims 2 onwards made them red, orange, and white.

Its value can vary between titles, and doesn't consistently reflect any real-life currency (such as the US dollar or British pound), as many of the more expensive items are marked down in price, while some of the cheapest may be marked up; for example, in The Sims 2 an SUV costs approx. §4000, while a pizza costs §40. Usually, items of limited duration are more expensive, while durable objects or house structures are cheaper. This reflects the fact that a Sim has less time to earn money in the series than would be available in real life. Much like the real world, better quality items are generally more expensive. Also, the simoleon has no sub-units; the only way something can cost less than §1 is for it to be free.

In SimCity, a stretch of road is §10 per segment and a Police Department §500. According to the SimCity 2000 "City Value" menu, one § unit that represents the cost of a building actually equals §1,000.

In another Maxis game, Spore, the Sporebuck symbol in both the Civilization and Space Stages (§) is the same symbol as a Simoleon (§).

In The Sims Medieval, Simoleons are known as Simoles although the § character is still used to represent them.

How much money can Sims have?

Game Max Money
The Sims Online §9,999,999
FreeSO §3,800,004,996

Starting money

Game Starting Money
The Sims Online §20,000
FreeSO §20,000

Making money

Sims need a minimum amount of money in order to buy food and pay their bills. Leaving bills unpaid for too long results in either a visit from the repo-man[TS][TS2][TS3] or in electricity and water systems being shut.[TS4] (In the handheld versions of The Sims Bustin' Out and The Urbz: Sims in the City, Sims/Urbz who skip their bills are arrested instead.) In The Sims Online, bills were absent.

Working for money

There are several ways for Sims to receive a steady income. The usual way is to work in a career or profession[TS3:A][TSO][FSO] that gives the Sim a regular salary or stipend. Owning a business[TS2:OFB][TSO][FSO] is another way to make money, though income from a business is not as steady as the income from a regular job, as the Sim does not get paid a salary.