SimsTek Wiki
Engine FreeSO (modified)
Native resolution 800x600 or above
Platform(s) Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Genre(s) Life simulation game, God game
Media Digital distribution
System requirements All platforms
  • The Sims Online
  • .NET Core (experimental, servers only)


  • .NET framework 4.7.2 or above
  • OpenAL 1.1
  • DirectX 11 runtime

Linux & macOS

  • Mono 5.10 or above
  • OpenGL 3.0 drivers
Input methods Keyboard, mouse

NewSO was a fork of FreeSO. The project started with tinkering of legacy client but evolved into modifying the beta client and server in order to support alternative servers beginning with 0.2 and patch varies portions of the code. It was abandoned due to complexity of the code and lack of documentation.